looking for judo or kendo group

The Pasadena Cherry Blossom Festival is looking of a judo and kendo group to perform at their martial arts stage. The festival dates at sat and sun - april 2 and 3. The festival site this year will be the famous Pasadena Rose Bowl.

If you know any other martial group who would be interested in demonstrating please contact me on this thread or e-mail me at qgary15543@aol.com.

Groups we has tenatively are Hung Gar, San Soo, northern shaolin, centerline gym, kali, patriot martial arts, tashi vince, pro training (muay thai) in pasadena, capoeira, two dragon, shan tung, aikido of eagle rock and shinkendo. we hope to line up some hapkido, tae kwon do and karate groups also.