Looking for KOTC 32 pics

I cant seem to find any online, anyone know where I can find them?

AFB, Did you co-promote the Total Fighting Challenge?

Can you please post the results?


I just sponsored it, I did not have anything else to do with that event other than helping the guy out

Eulysis Rocha defeated Albert Arevela by Dr Stoppage, 4.24 Rd2

Jeremy Morrsion defeated Dan Shadt by Dr Stoppage, .21 Rd1

Kyle Watson Submitted Thomas Cubis, RNC, 2.10 Rd1

Dave Budney Submitted Wade Choate, Armbar Rd1

Toney Rivera over Freddy Santos, KO 1.44 Rd1

John Paun over Jim Bruketta, U-Dec for the Title

Jason Chambers over Mark Long, KO, .52 Rd 1 for the Title

Vaughn Pallily -vs- Rob Smith, Pallily had an accident day of show, no fight

Stephan Bonner over Bill Hill, Ref stoppage rd 1