Looking for new grappling shorts

I lost my blue No-Gi (Chris Brennan No-Gi not Brazil No-Gi) Can I get some reccomendations for new shorts?

Also, Mr. Brennan, when will there be Phantom style NoGi shorts in stock in a size other than 38" I am a LW and 30" waist max if you have any being made soon.

Thanks guys

I have the following and I will rank them according to comfort, fit, durability.

1. Hitman Fight Gear Recon 2006 (straight waist, full leg, excellent quality and stretch)

2. Sprawl (current) Flex Fit Closed Seam (elastic waist, again top knotch with quality construction and stretch)

3. Knoxx Fight Gear - MMA short (feel like older style sprawls, but the rip stop material is a little better)

4. Sprawl (older style) Flex Fit Split Seam (elastic waist)

5. Sprawl Original Flex Panel Shorts (straight waist, Original Innovators)

6. TapOut Long Fight Shorts - Current Style ( straight waist, rip stop material is smooth, huge legs openings)

7. TapOut Long Fight Shorts - Old Style (straight waist, rip stop material is rough)

8. Original Non-Flex Sprawls. (straight waist, not true to size, actually ripped them while squatting, legs and crotch too tight.)

waits for OTM shop in PB to open

I still have to try out the:

No-Gi Brennan

No-Gi Brazils (actually looking for them for a while, so if anyone knows where I can get them let me know.)

OTM/Sinister Shorts - I hear excellent things about them.

FCFighters - again I hear excellent things about them.