Looking for old crokinole boards

My apologies for this non-MMA related post, but the forum has been a little weird anyway.

If you have an old heritage crokinole board at home or up at the cottage that isn't getting used and you are looking to sell, please let me know.


Many thanks!

It is a great game, and finding a good board is essential.

I'm picking up a nice board from Mennonite country next week, but I'm also looking for some older heritage boards.

I'll be taking my skills to the World Crokinole Championships in Tavistock, June 2.

lol Mennonite country, i was going to suggest that, i will see if i can find one for you, might have one out at the farm..good luck in Tavistock

Thanks for checking, and for the luck, StingBean!

funny topic! i've got an old one at the cabin but it's still in use

I don't have one anymore. I used to play this game with my dad and brother and sister. Can I ask why you need them? I'll ask around to some friends if they still have one.

I just love to play but have only ever come across them at friends cottages.

For a lark a buddy and I have sent in our registrations to the world crokinole championships, but we don't even have boards yet.

I've booked time off work and everything.

that's pretty hard core!

Canada is a very special place.

A pro fighter calls a guy hardcore for flicking little discs across a big chunk of wood!

Here is a shot of Derek Kidnie (right) 1999 World Champion applying his distinctive, locked-straight-arm shooting technique against the 1999 and 2000 ‘Twenties Champion’ shooter, Joe Fulop.

I just found this old Bentley from 1953 at a church garage sale for $2 Canadian. What a find!

Great game.