Looking for pc advice

I’ll admit I tend to build more expensive PC’s. I’m not used to building budget pc’s for gaming. That said, my nephew is wanting a gaming pc for his Christmas gift. He only mentioned games like Fortnite, PubG, and those types. However, I don’t want to build something that would become obsolete in 6 months - year.

As far as prebuilds go, the prices are simply insane atm. Building has to be a more affordable option.

Any of you guys have advice as to what some decent options would be? I’m primarily concerned with the CPU and graphics card.

Thanks for any help.

I think pre-built is probably still a cheaper option. The chip shortage has caused insane prices, especially in the GPU front


$$$. It’s fucked. Vid cards are tough.

I got a 3060ti from my son’s bot. its what I wanted, does the job.

Funny though… If it’s for just games just go buy a console

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Never thought I’d see the day building may be more expensive. But it makes sense right now. You have any companies you would recommend? I looked at some iBuypower builds, and they just seemed like a ripoff.

I mentioned the console thing to my sister. She said he wants something he can do all his social media stuff and games. And she mentioned wanting him to be able to attend class incase the virtual learning stuff happens again.

If youre looking for a prebuilt, buy this:

No other prebuilds with those specs will come close to that price. It will play everything you listed with ease.

Youre welcome!


Good dudes here…

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I have an ibuypower I got from Costco a couple years ago. It was a better deal than building with the same components it came with when I priced it out even then

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Thanks man. That’s a really good price point for those specs.

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YW. They sell the same thing at Amazon, etc. but its like 150-200 dollars more there.

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This card (3060, doesnt even have to be the TI version) would be absolutely sufficient.
The CPU should be around 200 bucks.

Off the shelf is usually the shit option. here’s what you do:
Go to a computer store, it can be a tiny, doesn’t matter. Select components from their list. Don’t forget a quality PSU and a good (CPU)fan. We’re talking about a difference of maybe thiry bucks that make a huge difference.
16gm ram is sufficient.

Ask what cases teenagers like these days - and let them install 2 more bling fans, these are supercheap and most kids love them. You can throw in a fancy gamer mouse if you’re on a spending spree.
Let them piece it together and install a basic windows license.

You’ll save 200 bucks easily and the PC will have no bloat and shitty bottlenecks.

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Good advice. Thanks again.

I figured what he wants involves more style than sufficiency. So he probably wants all the colors. So the extra fans may help with that.

I told him bells and whistles are nice, but performance is everything. He’s 14. I don’t believe he even knows all pc’s aren’t the same.