looking for some new hip hop

As thread title states, I’m looking for some new hip hop to listen to, preferably not main stream.  I like music that’s a little more soulful and fun with bizarre music behind it, than the stuff produced for mass consumption.  I can’t stand the stupid airhorn noise or when the content is all about ballin’ or being gangster and shit like that, I like a little content or a story behind the lyrics.
I’ve finally come around to Aesop, so that’s probably the most recognized artist that I’m listening to these days.  I just went through my playlist and I had Aesop, Busdriver, LA Symphony, Mudkids, Ugly Ducklings, and some old WuTang.  All of that is fantastic, but it’s also all old and I just want some new stuff to listen to.
Can you help a brother out!?

Check out a rapper from the Midwest named Prof. You will like. Phone Post 3.0

Rittz.  Lyricly he is top notch. 

El P

Doomtree Phone Post 3.0

Kendrick Lamar is mainstream but might fit your criteria
Jedi Mind Tricks
Sage Francis
Childish Gambino
Kid Cudi

https://youtu.be/KoMQBeaDNlc Phone Post 3.0


Try a guy named stitches. He's awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Will check it all out, thanks and keep em coming!

Vtfu for all. Phone Post 3.0

Alot of good suggestions in this thread. Try j cole and logic
I feel like you would like those two Phone Post 3.0



FrustratedBlueBelt -


High five!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

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FrustratedBlueBelt -


High five!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Someone with taste!!  HIGH FIVE!!