Looking for some techniques posted a while ago

It was a series of moves that start with the opponent in your guard. Take your right hand and grab his left pant leg at the knee. Use your left hand to grab his left sleeve at the wrist. Put your right foot in his left hip and swing your left leg back. You can throw a triangle from there or you can take your left leg and go under the opponents left arm then use your left knee to pressure into there arm for a sort of sweep. There were other options too but they all started with the gripping and foot placement scenario I described. Any help?

I 'm not sure, but I think you might be talking about some stuff Jason Scully put up. Google him he has lots of instructionals out there.

Thanks Shen, but it wasn't Scully. It was one of the other forum members. I know in the post with the videos or maybe even the thread title it said something about "some things I've been playing with lately" or something like that.

Gustavo Gasperin of MMA Leech posts videos here off his YT channel. I would try there.

Thanks circusmonkey, I looked through his stuff and that's not him either. The videos weren't really "professionally" done, if that's any help.

Thanks anyway.

Sounds like these videos:



I remember playing with them a couple of years ago, then promptly forgetting all about them. Thanks for the reminder!

That's it! Thank you!

You just wanted that killer soundtrack.