looking for someone in the Army

hey everyone...i'm in a bit of a pickle here...i'm a 19 yr old Marine looking for a friend in the Army..i wont post any info on here cuz i guess i'm just a little paranoid about that..if any of you Army guys know how i could look someone up..shoot me an email at MikeFL152@aol.com ..scheduled to go to Iraq mid-february and i'd hope to have some sort of contact with my friend between now and then...thanks in advance

have a Merry Christmas OORAH

go to www.us.army.mil. There is a search engine there for locating people in the army.

i've been told that AKO is a good tool...but i need someone with an account to sponsor mine...any takers?

Email me his first and last name and I'll do a search on AKO and let you know what I find.


Major Bob