looking for sponsors..


im already sponsored by TapouT but i need a supplement sponsor for my nutritional needs. if anyone knows any interested parties or if anyone here is looking for some quality advertising then drop me an e-mail at bigpoppa7_1@hotmail.com. thanks


Josh, great fight! You took it to Rizzo and earned some long overdue respect.

Josh, I've only seen your 2 Ufc fights. After Friday night you've gained a big fan in me. Happy training, and good luck finding a sponsor.


Awesome match. You got a lot of fans with that match.Good luck getting more sponsorship. You've earned it.Horny Goat Weed proudly presents .... naaaaaah! (that's not really funny on two levels)See you on the mat,Eddy Rolon ¬ (formerly screen name nhbnj) 1999 NAGA Intermediate Super Heavyweight Champion & 2000 Fighter of the Year2000 ISFA Northeast Regional Shootfighting Superheavyweight Champion & Heavyweight ChampionA 2000 IFC Heavyweight Tournament Champion2001 IFC Battleground Heavyweight Championnhbnj@home.com www.EddyRolon.com & www.OPENMAT.com Check out my sponsor for some great products Xtreme Fightwear

maybe you could email all of the ones that watch MMA?

ps. They may not know that Bigpoppa71=UFC Fighter Josh Barnett

good luck in your next fight


E-mail me peds3@hotmail.com

Hey Josh, good luck, I hope you find a good sponsor.

take care buddy



TTT for the Baby Faced Assassin



uu&a...I thought that this thread had expired after 72 hours?, cool that it didn't, but I don't understand why...


Josh, we'd be very interested in talking to you. Although we don't provide nutritional products, perhaps we could structure a deal where me may be able to help you purchase them. Give us a call @ 1-888-771-9076 if you're interested. Thanks, Leo from MVP Sportsbook.

I would also like to add that that we will give the sponsor maximum thanks for the help, including a mailer to all the members here, and some other things.

Go Josh...