Looking for tape of Ring of combat

Does anyone have or know where I can get tape of the
following old Lou Neglia events

Vengeance at the Vanderbilt 14
Ring of Combat 2
Ring of Combat 3
Ring of Combat 4
Ring of Combat 6

Phil Dunlap



I would like the Ring of Combat 3 tape also...

try Joe Gold at fcfighter,he might have some info

lou sells them at his shows, doesn't he? try going to his website - google lou neglia and you'll find it.

Hey Jim,

Can you find out if I fought on the VaTV 14 card in a Muay Thai fight against David Tirelli.My younger brother fought on that card also.

The reason why I am asking is if I have that video tape I will mail it to Phil.


judah, you did fight at that show. nardu debra triangled themi papidimtriou, pete sell decisioned vlad kuolikov, and jose rodriguez tko'd kareem ellington.

phil, are you gather tape on a specific fighter?

Sioux email me at phild@thaing.net and I will tell you what I am looking for .


Judah the tape would be appreciated. Please email me and I will let you know the foight other than yours I am looking for. I would like to see your fight as I have heard you have become a very bad man and I want to know how bad an ass kicking to expect the next time I see you



phil, i don't have email access at work. i'll send one off to you tonight.

I allready spoke Lou and he said it would be some time before he could get me footage as someone is in the process of working with all his old footage to get it out there.



Still looking for any of the above footage I can get

phil, i sent you an email the other day.


I screwed up the other day and spelled the email address wrong never got it. I am actually looking for any tape I can get of Peter "Drago" Sell.

If anyone can help email me at phild@thaing.net

ok, i'll resend my email.

drago is a tough, tough opponent. probably one the best middleweight fighters in the northeast.

Drago is a very tough fighter but as they say if someone wants to be the best they fight the best. John was offered a huge oppurtunity a tough fight in a big event I think we can get him ready. Matchups make fights.

Any tape I can get is appreciated




ttt for my EUPHORIA show!

: )

Since Miguel allready said it

John Sivori vs Pete "Drago" Sell at MFC Euphoria this event is going to be great and I promise this will be an action packed fight and a great clach of styles

FEB 26th at the TAJ



I emailed you a week or so back. Could you get back to me on that.

Jay White
Team Renzo Gracie