Looking for two video clips...

I am looking for two video clips that have historically been posted on the forum.  I was talking about these while training the other day and haven't seen them in so long.  I thought it would be cool for any new members of the UG to get to see them as well.   

Clip request 1:  The clip of the band Tool's lead singer doing a hip toss and some grappling with chokes on a guy who rushed the stage.

Clip request 2:  The MMA match with the flying armbar submission.  Sorry, I can't remember the fighter's names in this fight but it should ring a bell to someone. 

Thanks in advance!


god, i love that gif too


and the maynard vid of the hiptoss is kinda hard to find. i forgot where i got it last time. i think someone hosted it on their site for a couple weeks then took it off. it was sweet though

he doesnt train anymore....which sucks, because he almost made it to brown

Ryan G, Thanks dude.  That is so awesome to watch. 

Dying Breed, I hope you can find it.  If not, I understand.  I just that is an awesome clip.  I appreciate you posting and giving me the info.

Happy Holidays      

the Maynard hip throw can be found on Kazaa. Just to a serch for "Maynard fights fan" and you should be able to find it.

Its actually kind of funny, cause after throwing the guy and putting in his hooks, Maynard continues to finish the song as he is choking the guy lol.

Maynard was known to do that at many of his concerts. He did it in a NC concert in 2002 that I went to. I thought it was spontanious but after seeing it done at other concerts with the same guy, it was staged.....cool to see anyway though.

 "I didn't even know Maynard trained."

HUGE MAynard fan here too, and yes he does train.

He's a blue belt under one of Rickson's guys, not sure which one but he is under Rickson.


here are some pics



BJ Penn, and I think Gumby are both in that last pic


BJ Penn, and I think Gumby are both in that last pic

And the Camarillo brothers, too.