Looking for work in the San Fran,

I am looking to make a move to the San Francisco, Alameda, CA area.

Before I do this, however, I need to find work. I have a BBA in Accounting, have done electrical work, driven eighteen wheelers, and for the last two years, I have taught school and coached various high school sports. I also am a third degree black belt in tae kwon do. Not that that means anything, but if it will help me get a job, hey!!


If interested, I can be contacted at strickland@petronet.net




Thanks Guys!!

Hey Jeff - you should check out http://www.craigslist.org, it's a great site for jobs around the bay area. Good luck!

i hear Yoshida and Bob Sapp always have plenty. Check with them

How would I get in contact with Sapp and Yoshida??


MattBenwa, I checked out that site, and sent three resumes... Great Site!! Thanks!