looking to buy ufc 3 and 4 poster

im looking for ufc 3, 4, and other mma related posters and passes. if you have pictures or you want to sell, email me. i have some good posters myself incase you want to trade. ill pay good for the items that intrest me.

email jeremy at- jnlcouball@hotmail.com

You can copy these images to a floppy disk, take them to a printer place like Staples, Kinkos, ect & have a poster made for around $29.00.

i work in a commercial print shop. the res will look like shit when you blow that up. besides, if it was that easy everyone would have on. also the poster for those events are not the same as the box. ufc 3 has ken and royce in a wrestling clinch. plus event posters have the date and times. ufc 4 has royce on one side and stev jennum on the other. i have pics but still dont know how to put them on here.(not computer savy) email me and ill send pics.

yumaslim, I have made several posters this way, one was 3 ft wide & over 4 ft long, it came out beautiful! If they have a machine that takes it directly from the floppy, they said the resolution is the same as the pic....

"if it was that easy everyone would have on."

I have talked to many people who did not know they could copy & save a pic off the computer!

i have a ufc 3 poster in very good condition and just lost my job so i hate to part with it, but i'd be willing to listen to offers.


I have a picture of UFC 3 poster. Its the size of a magazine page. I cut it out of an old magazine.

frank, can you post it in here?

I'll see if my junk camera will work. I will try sure.

Thanx for the tips Momi

SOLD!! j/k yumaslim

I think I have the most shitty digital camera in the world. This will give you an idea of what it looks like.

looking for an image host


yep, you were right, that is a shitty camera!!

j/k can't you take it to a friend & have them scan it? It would be alot clearer.....

thanx you guys!!!!