Looking to hire marketing/sales. MMA related..

For our show Courage Fighting Championships in Indianapolis, I have a FULL COLOR Presentation book to contact local Indiana/Indianapolis company's in order for them to come on board to sponsor Courage Fighting Championships. Our Sponsorship packages are are very attractive to business's. I simply do not have the time to work it. Here's the best part. I will pay a generous 50% commission on all monies brought to our company. We have sponsorships ranging from $500, to $4000. 50% commission will be paid, and you will work under a legal contract from our in house attorney. Doing business, being generous, and building GREAT long lasting relationships, and friendships is what I'm all about. Thanks again. Contact sfcchamp135@aol.com or 217-433-1433 (TEX) or call CFC offices 217-362-0658, or my VP of operations Terry Smith at 217-201-3295, email terrence.smith@comcast.net

That's a great offer for someone in that area.

Damn, I wish you had this offer a month ago. I'm leaving the area in a week.


thanks guys and girls. Try to keep this to the top. Our next Courage Fighting Championships will be Sept. 19th in Champaign, Illinois 25 fights/ $25 bucs/ A buc a fight!! This is our little thing Courage Fighting Championships will be known for. 25 fights in one night. A Buc a fight!! Fans will get their hard earned money's worth when they come to my show. Sincerely, Jason Reinhardt

sslt, you can be anywhere in the country to be hired on with my newly formed Sports Management Company "Reinhardt Sports LLC." We are an MMA management company, and are looking to hire 3 more Sports Agents, in different parts of the country. We have 123 fighters on our roster now, and growing daily. Contact Terry Smith if your interested. Terry's contact number is above. Great career opportunity. Jason Reinhardt


Please list your website. Are all of your fighters listed on the site? I work with a lot of local orgs who are constantly looking for fighters. It seems with that many fighters you would be a great resource.


Kyria Christison

Ps for a quick fix if you can't find anyone fast for your next fight.....You are 3 weeks out and from my experience it takes typically 6 weeks with businesses. September is also the end of a qtr so you will either find companies looking for a quick write off or no money left for the qtr. The good thing is if you have your fights already set for the next date, you can make the sell for that.....if it is in the area.

If you don't know this the best sponsor is a local hotel.....it will save you big bucks on your production. I'd have who ever you hire to hit switchboard, make the calls and even though they wont make com on it, give them 25-50% of what you save on rooms, etc.

Just some thoughts anway lol

woot. hi kyria.

Hi James....hey what about your fight? I haven't heard from you in a bit. Oh I think that's thread stealing, isn't it?
It will help keep this at the top.

Why don't you do this?

i would do it, but not up in indy enough for outside b2b sponsor sales.

my fight was awesome. it was a 3round battle. we beat the shit out of each other. haha. it ended up being a draw. satisfying though to go the distance and fighting the whole time, though. =)

i'm assuming your fighters are going to get paid pretty good, Jason? :)

Well congrats! A good battle is better than a fast win anyday!

If you guys don't have plans this Saturday some HWs from Nashville are heading up to the dojo about 2 central time. We are moving this weekend but you know my life....nothing comes before training haha I considered making them help more before training :)

I'd love to sink my teeth into this but I like being the hardest working non paid person in MMA. LOL