Looking to hire

Full disclosure, I posted this on the underground forum and then thought in hindsight thought it might be better placed here... and then I thought, well I might as well have it on both


To whom it may concern,

We are currently looking to employ a person of great stature for our gym here in the land down under. So for those of you who have been thinking about training overseas, look no further... well unless of course you get a better offer, then of course feel free to look into that.

The job description is as follows:

• Teach 15 group classes per week. BJJ and MMA
• Private lessons according to demand
• Assist with in-house competitions
• Assist our team in external competitions
• Coach and corner MMA fighters

Preferred requirements

• BJJ Black Belt
• MMA Coaching experience (fight experience a bonus) 
• Wrestling knowledge
• Punctual and responsible
• English fluency a must

So if this sounds like you or at least kinda like you, feel free to shoot me an email at aussiegym@outlook.com or respond on the thread and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible, in between riding kangaroos and wrestling crocodiles. 


Cheers in advance to all the awesome people who apply


I'm not interested but I have a question you may want to address in the ad: will you assist with visa or will this all be under the table. Phone Post 3.0

Not a bad idea at all sir.


To answer that, yes we will assist with your visa and yes the position is above board. Oh and we will also pick up the costs of the plane tickets to get you here and back home again

Great opportunity.


What's the goal of the program? Is it to build a larger student base, coach and train MMA fighters, etc..

How many fighters do you have currently training, rough idea of weightclasses?

I'm sure the pay is dependent on accomplishments, but will the wage be enough for accommodations? A friend was very close to going to Oz to teach, but the pay would barely have him to break even after rent and living expenses. Phone Post 3.0

Hi Mike, 


Of course the renumeration will fit the skills and accomplishments of the applicant. We will offer 2 separate packages for those who apply, one of those will include accomodation with pay and the other will comprise of purely a wage. We hope these 2 options allow the applicant to choose what they think will be the best outcome for them.


Like any job, I would always suggest doing some research of your own in regards to rental prices and the general costs of living to ensure you make the most informed decision and it also allows you ask the appropriate questions