looking to sell sign big fists

i just got a steal of a deal on some large spongy fists signed by ufc fan expo guys like bas rutten and punk ass. got like 20 sigs. i'm asking $1000 for em.

Kimbo sig on there?


dude , did u get em from my buddy john?? i got mine signed by 35 fighters every silva 2x, 5 gracie's f griffin tito ortiz... basically 85% of the people who were there i had two pair.. 1 i sold for $325,,, i got laughed out of this forum but i sold one of the pairs on sherdog..
so i dunno, i c people on this fforum clammoring over a signed poster from ufc 114 but 35 sig.. seems strange
to each there own

 im stealing this from TJ................

Keep the fists and Ill buy ALL of whatever you're smoking

lol ;) Phone Post