Looks like a few fewer than 90k

I guess $10 was still too expensive.

I'd say it's at about 88,000.



I'm disappointed to see that they haven't worked out the kinks in production -- still plagued with dead air.

I think Wiezorek is going to get KOed quickly in this fight.

Looks like he lost some weight since his atrocious fight against Wade Shipp at UFC 47, though.

Is that Oyama in Persey's corner?

production is pretty crappy so far

totally disorganized

shame on K1.

Who's genius idea was it to hold it at LA coliseum rather than Staples center.

I'm so glad that instead of seeing a Tokoro fight in HD, I'm watching two big guys wheezing in an endless clinch.

Wiez looks like a 100lbs heavier Forrest Griffin.

Pluses: No dragon entrancethis time, and the crowd being a quarter mile away from the ring means the booing is barely audible.

dissapointing so far.. maybe it will fill out when the main card is on.

it should be at least at night, so the darkness masks the empty seats

I'm sure Zuffa is laughing their asses off.

All those people in the K1 organization and not one could convince everyone that a 100k coliseum might not be the best of ideas.

Hell when Pride was thinking about Dodgers stadium everyone said bad idea and that's more then twice as small seatingwise.

This is the undercard on now. I know when I have covered UFC events they just open the gates before those fights so alot of people aren't in their seats yet. I would guess it will fill up more if it is anything like the UFC's I have covered.

Pride put on the best live shows in the US, better than any UFC live production wise. K1 is just incompetent. MMA-lite.

Well i would hope so but it's still going to look super empty.

They should reach at least 25k-30K people by the time Sakuraba fights

"Pride put on the best live shows in the US, better than any UFC live production wise. K1 is just incompetent. MMA-lite."

Yeah but even you have to admit, them putting 11k people in Dodgers Stadium would have been stupid.

I imagine anyone on the fence who just watched that utterly forgettable 45 minutes will not be buying the PPV.