Looks like a great place to trane


 LMAO!!! There is no way that video was real!

Hilarious Phone Post

That is AWESOME!!!! Great find! Phone Post

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Weak Men Pay This Boxing Coach To Tell Them They Are Terrible from ANIMALNewYork.com on Vimeo.


totally 100% real

That was great.

I seriously would watch if he had his own reality tv show. That guy is 100% cream of the crop awesome!

Pay this man.

TTt Phone Post

Lol at the nerd convention meeting on dudes body Phone Post

grkblood -  LMAO!!! There is no way that video was real!

Ahahahhahaha that's f'n awesome Phone Post

Kinda fucked up that he's pretty much dissuading people from learning. And by making this commercial it pretty much screams this gym is a waste of time and money.

He should have a reality show indeed. Him and Stuart Scott from ESPN running from gunfire in Syria. Phone Post

it is pretty F.....up, but it's funny as hell.

Dude needs to be brought in as one of the trainers for next season of TUF Phone Post



Church St/ makes a lot more money now with White Collar boxing than they did with pros and ammys.

This guy is totally real. He's like a dude dominatrix for herbs that want to pay to be insulted and belittled.

He should be the official TUF striking coach