Looks like Englands Queen is on her way out

Conspiracy post.

I heard the queen met with the new pm the previous day. Why would it be so necessary to eliminate the queen at this time? Truss is a WEFer as is the new king, Charles.

Also can the King give Prime Ministers more power than they would ordinarily have? Is there anything worrying in that?

I’m not sure about more power. I know that the sovereign can re-call the PM if they feel it necessary. I know that the PM can place the sovereign “under advisement” which I’m not entirely sure what the full power of that encompasses. QEII was placed “under advisement” after Diana’s death and had to return to Buckingham Palace.

I’m sure that a Google search would probably answer that.

The new PM meeting with and being sworn in by the queen is a standard protocol

How much do you think the royals spend?

They already own all the property

And they aren’t out at the clubs dropping $100’sk making in rain like Pac-Man Jones or May weather

they travel but I’m guessing they don’t spend all that much. (Compared to other mega rich)

A quick google search says they cost the British tax payers $102M

and they generate $85m a year

So they’re an expense. I’m guessing there are costs for security and other things that are actually more than gets reported. I’m sure they also get credit for tourists that would visit England anyway and spend the same money on other stuff. I really can’t believe any adult tried to argue that they are a net financial benefit to the country.


Well I was way off they are a net benefit to the country

Naw, just traveling the world with 500 agents, paying off kids that got fucked by them, buying estates, maintenance of those estates. It’s all cheap when you don’t pay taxes and the people pay for it. Subjects!

Im an idiot, missed the funeral, does anyone know what time Maj of the Day is on?