Looks like everyone turned Islam down

RDA, Hooker and Felder. Someone get this guy a fight, this shit is getting old


They’re all scared of the 3 round beating he’s going to put on them and that puts them closer to the chopping block in the next round of cuts.


Fighters turning down all these fights is getting ridiculous. The UFC needs to hire Don Frye as their matchmaker. Let him deal with these pansies.


Hooker and Felder could already be cut, 0 champ potential in the deepest weight class. We just saw Overeem get cut from a similar position, the UFCs focus is shifting from completely controlling the global top10. Refusing matchups in their position seems dumb.

Being a championship contender is not the only reason to stay on the roster. WTF? Hooker and Felder are action fighters who bring it.

This thread is weird. RDA had already accepted a fight with Islam and it fell through.


In the UFC it is, cut Overeem when he’s too 7ish, Romero, lots of lower weight guys that were ranked.

I’m not saying it’s right or how I would run things, but this has been a trend the last couple years.

But yet recently turned him down so…

So, you think every other fighter in the UFC is championship material according to the promotion?

The UFC decided Romero and Reem weren’t worth the money. That’s not evidence of your clearly wrong theory that they only keep people in the promotion who can win titles.


Islam pulled out of the fight last time. I’m not sure I’m taking Ali’s word for it.


“sO, yoU ThiNk”

I clearly stated it’s not how I would run it dingus, you’re arguing for the sake of it. Just something I noticed, older top ten guys who will never win a title are going separate ways and the UFC is either cutting or not trying to keep them like they used to. If I was Paul Felder and wanted to stay, I’d take my chances with Islam.

Actually RDA posted “Im fighting a top guy next” someone askee him “Islam?” RDA replied with “Islam is a top guy”? Then reports came out that RDA turned down Islam. Thats enough proof for me.

Fuck giving these terrorists opportunities. If jihad was called they’d kill you without a second thought.


Islam is a terrorist? How does he keep getting visas?


Who’s gonna call it? Looks like every religion or atheist is doing is doing their version of Jihad on a regular basis

That’s fair enough, but it doesn’t sound like he turned Islam down? Sounds like he 1) accepted a fight with Islam; 2) Islam pulled out; 3) RDA accepted a fight with someone else. Am I missing something?

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It’s not so I think. There are plenty of people on the UFC roster who clearly are not title contenders. We can all objectively say that. You made up a criteria for release that clearly is not real.

If shit went down he’d join right in.

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That was awhile ago though, this is more recent. So if RDA accepted then, why not now?

Based on what he said, it seems like it’s because he accepted a fight with a higher ranked opponent. Is there a reason you think there is another explanation?

I might be wrong, but it looks like the timeline is:

  1. RDA signed to fight Islam.
  2. Islam pulls out.
  3. RDA agrees to fight higher ranked opponent.
  4. Islam can’t find a fight. Says RDA ducked him, when it seems that RDA simply accepted another fight first.