Looks like everyone turned Islam down

I hope RDA came to his senses and realized he doesn’t not need to fight another grinding wrestler. Especially Islam who seems like an ultra elite grappler

I still think Gillespie is a good next fight for Islam but a win over Gregor doesn’t do much for Islam

Hooker/Islam makes perfect sense but I get why Hooker isn’t eager about it after his loss

I took it like this:

  1. RDA signed to fight Islam
  2. Islam pulls out
  3. RDA fights Felder, Islam fights Dober
  4. Both win
  5. why not set them up now?

This has been an issue for some time.

What can a promotion do to avoid this dodge fest we keep seeing?

Fighters should get penalized for turning down fights. In their contract it should result in a 20% pay cut on their next fight.

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Set up a 155 grand Prix!!!

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I still say just make this guy the matchmaker. And all matchmaking is done in person. Let these pansies tell this face that they don’t want to fight somebody. Imagine his “so you wanna be an efffing fighter” speech.

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The single most horrifying handshake of all time. You can feel that mans chi.

He’d make sure all the super fights happen!