Looks like I will be buying more from Ben & Jerry's

Like you needed a reason to eat like shit you fat fuck.

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I dunno if I would say that. They are living their political beliefs. I don’t see how this is any different than that ammo store that refused to sell ammo to Biden voters. Same thing. IMO, You should be able to refuse service to whomever you want for whatever reason you want.

Doesn’t any company just sell their product anymore and stay away from announcing who they will and won’t sell to?


I don’t buy it because it is so expensive.

i dont eat garbage

i drink garbage and they dont make natural ice

I’d rather Zionists in my neighborhood than BLM trash.


Last time I checked it wasn’t Jews committing the most crime and acting like animals.

I guess I’ll buy some but chocolate Haagan Daaz is the shiznitz.

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Nowhere in the post of mine that you quoted or anywhere else did I say they shouldnt be allowed to do what they are doing. I said that their specific choices reflect different values than they project in order to make money and that their political actions are in support of terrorism and people who hold such ideals. In the “who’s worse” game, Israel allows Mosques to exist and is a country full of relatively smart and civilized people, while most Muslim nations are filled with violent inbreds and dont allow freedom of religion.

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Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.

Belgian chocolate, or fuck your waistline.

I’ve known some fat girls that this was an option for.


Imagining Captain Canuck poutine his dick in some fat waistline rolls… I just came!

Businesses should not get involved in politics, ideological movements, etc. unless they can make more money. The objective is to make money!

As Michael Jordan once said: “Republicans buy sneakers too”.

Me too!

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That’s disgusting, yet highly versatile. She had a root canal, is on the rag, and it’s Taco Tuesday? Find a gunt pocket and go to town.


Never liked their ice cream even though lots of my friends loved it. I tried it once or twice and from that came my distaste for ice cream “flavors” that’s just a bunch of other sweet stuff that isn’t ice cream (cookies, cakes, cake toppings, sprinkles, marshmallows, etc). After they started spewing their leftist bs I was doubly glad I didn’t buy their stuff.

OP is a retarded bigot.

except for Chunky Monkey…that shit is sooo fucking good I wouldn’t give I shit if Ben and Jerry killed my parents.

Fuck Ben & Jerry’s. Those cop killer supporting fucks can eat a dick.I’d never buy a thing from them