Looks like "Nope" is popping up on torrent sites

What no grape flavored blunt?


Quality fucking sucks. It’s a cam version you mook.


Solid movie. Get Out and Us were better

People don’t know what they are talking about w pirated movies.

Pretty simple.

Look at movie on internet. Will it be released to stream at home within 2 weeks? If so, your copy could be a good digital for Nope? No fucking way anything but a cam at this point. Personally, think it’s funny that anyone would watch that cam shit. No fucking way.

Nope- won’t be a digital quality copy for months. That’s my guess.


Yea they fucking suck. Dark scenes are unwatchable and the sound is fucking horrid. The best is when you see people get up or come in haha


its completely watchable ya whiny bitch

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It is a bit frustrating that cam quality hasnt increased much over the years. I remember seeing a cam of Romeo Must Die when it came out and it wasnt far from your average cam these days

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Yea they blow. Not to mention how shitty the sound is.

Just get AMC A-List if you have a theater near you.

$25 a month and you can see 3 movies a week in any format.

Pays for itself in 2 visits a month

Theres not 12 movies a year worth seeing in theaters imo


The story looks weak and the director is an outspoken racist. He has said he won’t cast white people. This premise can work both ways.


I disagree.

Plenty of good movies out this year worthy of a trip to the theater, and some (Top Gun) are made for the premium theater experience.

OGers talking about how awesome Top Gun Maverick was after they saw a Cam video on their 15" laptop…come on.

Doent the director also rip off other movies? I saw a side by side of Get Out next to Skeleton Key( I think was it name) and yeah Peele is a hack.

did he say that? weird because there are white people in all 3 of his movies so far…

im about half way through it and its not really memorable yet, im still interested to see where it goes, the only reason im really watching it as soon as i could is because i keep hearing people say the end is some trippy crazy shit… we’ll see about that

im not really picky about most movies, there are a few that i definitely wait to see in high quality but for the most part i dont care, i usually watch shit on my second monitor while doing something on my main at the same time lol

not a real movie buff here i guess

With some movies, DVD quality is released surprisingly quickly.

Yeah there’s a flea market not far from me that I used to frequent, and they’d have a lot of new releases out that were DVD quality.

One booth also had stickers that designated the quality of the DVD. The higher quality DVD’s were obviously more money.

I remember I got X-men Origins: Wolverine a month or two before it was out in the theaters. Quality was good except some of the CGI at the end wasn’t finished.

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I’m on it dude. I’ve been playing w computers since my trs 80 days. I thought it was fun learning about this stuff. Some places, the copy with the people going to get popcorn and shit… That’s funny, but people do watch them. Not me, no fucking way.

Remember when 2nd lord of rings came out in like Jan, and it was released in theaters in Jan. Cost them some serious $.

Others aren’t though. “We got nope!!!”.

Nope. No they don’t. No one does. Theatrical release only. Itll hit in like 3 months w a perfect copy I bet. Till then, cam only.


You thought Us had some scary parts? Jesus Christ I was laughing throughout most of it. It did have an original concept though but plot holes galore

Get Out was a decent thriller but not near deserving of the praise it gets from some