loop chokes review?

I think there was a review thread awhile back. Can someone find it and ttt it?

If not, can someone direct me to a review of this 2-tape set by Batata? My collar chokes need some work.


We carry Batata's Loop choke series...


That's why I'm asking ;-)

I have the tapes I found them very good nice details, he shows the details from the choke and the choke from a LOT os positions. Mario

Which is the loop choke? The one where you grab a lapel, stuff the head down, and loop around?

Batata is a close personal friend of mine and one of the chief
instructors at my home away from home, the Ralph Gracie Mountain
View Academy.

Oddly enough, I HAVE NOT seen his loop choke series yet so I can't
comment on them. I know he sells them directly at the academy

Having said that, Batata's knowledge and use of loop chokes have
drastically improved my game and the overall game of tha academy
immensely. He has a seemingly infinite amount of entries and uses for
them, and you never really feel safe training against him because he
has many positions he can take the choke from. A favorite of his is
choking someone out who actually has his back with hooks! (Not sure
if this is covered in the series or not).

Amazingly enough, his knowledge of loop chokes with a gi transfers
into a huge amount of knowledge for chokes without a gi! A lot of the
control elements are the same and he can do a lot from there as well.

(cough maydoanewserieswithbatata cough). It's stuff i don't see used
on the grappling circuit as of right now.

At any rate, Batata was a chief training partner (and vice versa) for
Cameron Earle (the North American ADCC trials representitive and one
of the baddest grapplers around) despite being outweighed by a
considerable amount. Dave Camarillo, another chief training partner,
has called Batata's loop chokes a great equalizer and a constant threat
when they spar against each other.

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Which is the loop choke? The one where you grab a lapel, stuff the head down, and loop around?

The tapes are too expensive and that's why nobody has them.


You have the right choke. It is almost like you have the guy in a guillotine before you spin around.

I was looking through one of my old Gene LeBell books yesterday and saw him doing it. He called it a winding choke. The book was written in the 50's or 60's, I believe.


Thanks Andre!