Looser gis rule

I used to really like the tight Brazilian style gis, but lately Ive really liked the looser gis that dont restrict your movement as much.

Anyone else change their opinions about the fit of the gis they like?

I use a lose Judo Gi.

People at competitions hate it...

They all use these snug gi's and it makes hard to get a good grip on them. OInce I get it they are not going anywhere because they got no rroom to move.

They can grip my gi much more easily but that's just start of teh fight/match.

Now I dont know what you mean by looser Gi andre. Please define it.

In my honest opinion perfect gi would be like this:

  • From chest and shoulder area more like Judo gi meaning not tight.

  • Sleeves snugg like Brazilian BJJ gi's

  • Trousers snugg from knees to ankles but otherways loose.

Koral has loose chest area.

Maybe perfect Gi for you would be Mizuno Euro competition Andre. It is concidered to be snug for Judo Gi but I would say it is loose as BJJ Gi.

What brand is the loose gi you use Andre?

My black A2 Koral fits me exactly right. it fits much looser than my white A2 korals. Ill have to check out the mizunos..pretty expensive, arent they?


Mizunos are great, in fact the old Eurocomps reminded me of doubleweave BJJ gis, but their been redesigned b/c of rule changes so their looser now and similar to an Atama in cut.

Back in the mid 90's when I did wear a gi I used to only like tight doubles like the old Machado. Remember those great gis? Wish mine still fit :(

Then when I really started to appreciate gi training I started only liking goldweave type BJJ gis for about 4-5 years.

For the last two years I wear a HCK Judo double and my various Atama GWs take up space in the closet, where they along with my old BDUs and Service coat drive my wife batshit for the lack of closet space.

When I wear this HCK out (probably this year) I'll get a Dax Moskito or another HCK.

Mizunos have super baggy sleeves.

Don't you hate it when you find that perfect (pair of shoes, jeans, etc.) and you wish you had bought two when it wears out?

In regard to gi changes, I am only wearing single weaves now. Screw all the other weaves.

Have you had a decent gi just rip unless it was wicked old?

Andre, you should go a Mizuno. Best Gi's around IMO.
Judogis.com (I am not affiliated in anyway) has Ichiban's for about $120, and Eurocomps for about $150.

Considering Koral's are about $140 and up, I think it's a bit of a misperception that Mizunos are so expensive.

To give you an idea, I have about 6 Korals, in white blue and black, I have a krugan and an Atama, but I would not buy another gi besides from a Mizuno again.

Just my opinion.

IMHO get a lucky gi :)

i think for someone who has been using a BJJ Gi all this time will find a Mizuno much too baggy.

Thanks, Tycinio!

"andre what weight are you?"

I compete at 194 (with the gi) or 187 without it. I walk around at 196 or so.

damn wrong thread. I thought it said Looser girls rule...

I like'm hanging like a waizards sleeve.


Mizuno made in Japan is best quality but too loose IMO for JJ

Andre do you know if the blue koral fits more like the black or the white?

I love A2 white Koral top with A3 pants actually. 

scrappy, Ive never owned a blue one, but a friend who does said that it fit more loosely than his white one.

lol...are you saying you are buffed out or that Im scrawny!? ;)

What do you guys think about HCK judo gi's?

the best gi I've worn is the Tigre Branco gi. You'd have to order it from Canada but it's a perfect fit & the most overall comfortable gi I've ever worn