Looters ransack trains at downtown LA sorting depot

Looters ransack trains at downtown LA sorting depot and leave COVID tests and pharmaceutical drugs littered along the tracks

  • Video footage captured thousands of empty and damages packages lined around the tracks of a Los Angeles railway in the midst of cargo looting crimes
  • Thieves have been targeting cargo containers traveling in trains in LA and stealing valuable goods from companies such as Amazon and UPS
  • As a result, they have left empty boxes scattered along the tracks as well as leaving behind dispensable products such as unused COVID tests and epi pens
  • Union Pacific have since begun cracking down on security measures in an attempt to decrease the cargo looting trend

Thousands of shredded packages were seen scattered along the tracks of a Los Angeles railway on Thursday, said to be left by thieves who are now looting cargo containers.

Video footage captured a series of packages that were either left empty or torn up along the Union Pacific tracks in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles.

The cargo packages have been bait for railway thieves who have targeted goods from companies such as Amazon and UPS bound for residences along the West Coast.

Products such as unused COVID tests, fishing lures and epi pens were seen scattered across the ground.

Cargo thieves have been stealing valuable items from these trains while they are either stopped or slowing down so they can be brought into the Union Pacific Intermodal facility in downtown LA, where the cargo is moved to a new mode of transportation.

To break into these containers, thieves will often use bolt cutters to break the locks and steal whatever they can get their hands on.



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My neighbor runs trains out of that area. He said basically the tracks are one giant homeless
Camp from LA to Riverside. He’s hit a bunch of homeless dudes. Says he only knows when the blood hits the windshield. He stopped once in that area and some stupid motherfucker climbed up on his engine and looked at him through the windshield as they were starting to roll. He has crazy stories. Dude is fearless.


Does he carry a gun on the job?

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I don’t think so. He is a small unassuming dude. He’s had guys approach him and he usually just asks them “what are you doing? Get the fuck outta here.” He tells me how he laughs at the dudes that get scared when they stop and have to walk the train and check it etc.

Dude is seriously that guy that you know you would knock the fuck out of but he just don’t give a fuck. Seriously has no fear. Weighs 150 pounds at most.


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Tucker had Adam Carolla on to discuss this problem.


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Or union pacific is considering pulling out of delivering to LA

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