LOP Gerard Gordeau Notes

October is going to be our homage to UFC 1 month
We lined up a Wednesday taping with Gerard Gordeau

If you can add to our show notes, I will absolutely make sure that you get credit inside the interview

1979 Beat Andy Hug and Dolph Lundgrin in Kyokushin Karate Tournament

Beat Masaaki Sataki in 1993 K1 World Karate Cup

  • MS known for his toughness

Original nickname

  • Undertaker from Hell

Before UFC 1 GG was a karate fighter but was billed as a savage fighter due to Master Oyama refusing to allow him to represent Karate at UFC 1

  • World Oyama Karate
  • Master Shigeru Oyama

UFC 1 originally wanted Ernesto Hoost but couldn’t afford him???

  • how does he connect with the UFC

UFC 1 rumor

  • Was told that he was there as a reserve fighter and was not fighting until a few hours prior

UFC 1 Rumor orig opp was Royce Gracie

Nov 12 1993
1 Teila Tuli W KO :26

  • TT argued that he wanted to keep fighting - Ref stopped it
    2 Kevin Rosier W :59 corner stoppage
    3 Royce Gracie L RNC 1:44
  • Bit Royce Gracie ear, was he fined $1000?
  • Did Royce squeeze GG broken hand?
  • did the doctors inform RG of the injury?

UFC 1 rumor
Was smoking in the locker room prior to fight

Rumor was that he had left the hotel early due to the Gracie family looking for him

  • did NOT go to after party

Offered UFC 2 contract but wanted more money, put Remco Pardoel in his place

Frank (Freek) Hamaker competed at UFC 2 won and was replaced by Fred Ettish

  • worked in the red light district and had a very rough reputation
  • Owned an adult movie theater
  • Cornered by GG

March 11 1994
Remco Pardoel
1 Alberto Cerra Leon W 9:51

  • forearm choke
    2 Orlando Weit W elbows 1:29
    3 Royce Gracie L Lapel choke 1:31

Frank (Freek) Hamaker
Thad Luster W KO 4:52 corner towel

  • FH withdrew from tournament Fred Ettish enters

July 29 1994
Vale Tudo Japan
Dave Lavicki Vs Rickson
R W 2:40 submission to strikes

Offered a spot in the 1st Ultimate Ultimate tournament
A demanded $100k

April 20 1995
Japan Vale Tudo
Yuki Nakai L Heel Hook 2:41
GG gouged YN eye out
-Nakai waited over 1 week to go to the doctor over his eye

  • GG bragged about getting his second knuckle in

Pro wrestling match with Enson Inoue

  • seemed to end prematurely early
  • Issues over Yuki N?

July 29 1995
Erik Paulson - Ben Spikkers
EP - W Guillotine 5RND

  • Dutch
    BS Debut 1988 Olympic bronze judo
  • 1989 silver worlds
    BS cornered by Gerard Gerdeau

Jan 4 1999
New Japan Pro Wrestling
Ogawa was wrestling Hashimoto

  • the match turned into an actual fight with Ogawa beating on Hash
  • Ogawa grabbed mic and told the audience to wake up - he did this to embarrass the organization
  • This caused a brawl between New Japan and UFO wrestlers
  • GG was in his corner

Dec 5 2000
Remix - Japan
8 woman Tournament
Marloes Coenan Winner

  • GG corner
    Beat Becky Levi

Top 3 dirtiest fighters
Dirty Bob Schrijber
Gilbert Yvel
Gerard Gerdeau

Trained with
Mourad Bouzidi - Dutch K1 champion
Anil Dubar Muay Thai legend
Cem Sonol Student

  • world champion Kyokushin karate

Ever fight Branco Cikatic

Fought out of Vos gym with Ernesto Hoost

Great Athlete as compared to a natural fighter

  • GG was more of the latter

Dream match
Pat Smith Vs GG

MAFIA related questions
Apy Echteld manager

  • Simon Rutz said that Apy hired a Hitman to kill him

Bas Boon - Vlad Finklestine

  • Bas Manages Overeem - golden glory owner

From a very early age in the sport Bas Rutten was doing commentary

  • how does he woke up on that roll

Don (yon)plass died in prison was one of the founders of Dutch kick boxing and provided security in the red light district

2009 Nov Mikes Gym burned down


I think it auto-corrected Savate to Savage.

Maybe you are doing for another reason but with Oyama GG will likely refer to or know him as “Shihan” Oyama.

I get it is just a translation but in the Kyokushin world and in the World Oyama Karate World everyone just called the two brothers “Shihan”

For example Shigeru some students referred to him as “Shihan’s brother in NY” but yea "Shihan S Oyama " and his brother "Shihan Y Oyama "

No big deal but GG will likely be more familiar with using that term rather than master.

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Very interesting
Can’t wait to listen to this if it goes down

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