Lord of the Flies

I just blew it off as the one piece of knowledge he retained from school.

"Why do people assume that fighters are idiots?"

Nobody who knows the sport assumes fighters are idiots, myself included. That said, there is already more than enough evidence to suggest that more than a few of the guys on this show are idiots. Consider the fact that at this point we're down 25% of the original cast due to various acts of numbskullery.

anybopdy gimme a recap on what he said?

It's obvious the producers hold up cue cards for him to read. Yes I said read. Or maybe they only have pictures on the cue cards.

"anybopdy gimme a recap on what he said? "

He said something about LOF with reference to them turning into neanderthals by being isolated in a group like that.

you guys are assuming that he read the book...

wasn't the book made into a movie? much more likely to have watched the movie, IMO.