Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power (trailer)

Ah that’s right I didn’t realize. I remember him from Mindhunter, as one of the interviewed serial killers, he was damn good in that role.

A dwarf, you racist Peck

i see no beard


“We’ve taken something and done it in a way the creator vehemently criticized”

So you’re parasites, like all of Hollywood now. Great there’s your dumpster and kerosene.


He said hardcore not bigger

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Is this Gimli?

about to say this. Comments are off the chain. They are all repeating each other with just slight story twists, it’s hilarious and sad at the same time


Black Ink Crew Laughing GIF by VH1

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This is going to be an unwatchable abomination. If they had just called it a woke sword and sorcery style high fantasy series it would never have gotten made. Trying to shove that shit into Tolkien’s world allowed them to get the money to make it. It also shits all over everything Tolkien wrote and believed about how his world should be handled.


GOT vs Rings of Power. Which one will be worse. That will be the battle

This one without a doubt.

So bummed as I Amazon has put out really top quality shows over the years. My thinking was with the money they are going to invest in this it will be huge. Nope, they’ve basically bastardized anything Tolkien ever did.

Nice way to throw a few hundred million down the drain Amazon.


If it’s woke enough, and it will be, it will gather critical acclaim by the queers

That’s all Prime cares about seems like

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GOT had several great seasons. This will be utterly unwatchable from the beginning. It’s not a contest.


The Rotten Tomatoes score will be amusing.

Critic Score: 10/10 a masterpiece of diversity and inclusion!

Audience Score: …

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This needs more love here

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Thorin Oakenshield’s sister and the mother of Fili and Kili is black???


They be

I’ll probably watch it.