Lorenz Larkin vs Jorge Masvidal

Excited as fuck about this one. Sleeper fight on this weekends card, in my opinion. Should be a hell of a scrap. Who ya got? Phone Post 3.0

War Gamebred! Phone Post 3.0

I dont want either guy to lose, but I'll take Larkin by decision Phone Post 3.0

That's a great fight

Almost impossible for it to be boring

Hopefully it can stay together

Yeah great fight. Ladbrokes have Masvidal as a surprisingly big underdog. I think that is worth a flutter. Although Larkin has a more diverse offence and is equally competent in the clinch I think Jorge can stick and move - and this fucking forum is crashing my laptop and I'm watching my thoughts appear on screen five minutes later whilst the fan goes crazy thanks Top Men for your service

no idea their was a card on the weekend lol. should be fun, masvidal scraps. larkin is a big dude and a killer at WW. rooting for Masvidal

Wonder if Masvidal will try to wrestle at all. If not, I got Larkin by decision. Phone Post 3.0

If Masvidal wrestles... he wins.

It gonna be interesting to see the way masvidal deals with the speed and explosiveness of Larkin. Att as no shortage of that type of fighter, so I expect game breed to do well. Phone Post 3.0

Big fan of both guys, but I think Larkin is gonna finish Masvidal via strikes. Jorge really should be fight at 155. I guess he doesn't like cutting weight anymore. Phone Post 3.0

Great fight! I can't pick a winner. Who yous got? Phone Post 3.0

Larkin is a beast and a true WW, I think his power will be too much for Masvidal. Masvidal needs the fight on the ground

Fabes - Wonder if Masvidal will try to wrestle at all. If not, I got Larkin by decision. Phone Post 3.0
He should Phone Post 3.0

This should be fireworks Phone Post 3.0

Winner should get title eliminator Phone Post 3.0

Crazy good fight I'm riding with George Phone Post 3.0

Gamebred has to be the livest underdog in some time. Think I'll be throwing a little cash on him with those odds. Phone Post 3.0

I thought Larkin won his last fight against tumonov Phone Post 3.0