Lorenzo Giancola Wins Title!

Team Tompkins member Lorenzo 'the Jackel' Giancola wins the Canadian Title today in Gatineau. Lorenzo's deadly kicks and onslaught of punches were too much for his opponant. Congrats to Lorenzo and Team Tompkins. 2P1S!

way to go lorenzo , congrats , another belt in team tompkins shawn is a great coach

Lorenzo was a man possessed!!

Congrats, you deserve it !



They're gonna need a new wall for belts I think...





You guys don't actually let JHR drive do you?

Once again unbelievable..................

Unbelievable in a funny way ? Or in a "Im gonna kill you way ?"


Its about Lorenzo man I can't stop laughing.....


I thought for a split second when I read your post you were pissed :)

I figured you guys would get the joke ;)


Um, pictures? Hello?

Dougie, crazyhook's gonna send me some.

Once I weed out all the pics with gratuitous nudity, I shall post them

That was a great fight. Team Tompkins guys have the most incredible conditioning it seems. Lorenzo refused to sit or even stop jumping around in the corner between rounds. He got stronger and more energetic as his opponent tired.

Good job Shawn


Jason... having problems sending pics to your hotmail... i will try the other one

Thanks Jamie :)


Did you get them? I am saving the shot of me giving you a pounding for when the Flyers wrap up the series tomorrow ( just curses team)

Steeldragon where were you man? you mised a great time and a great fight