Lorenzo please dissolve strikforce

All it does is keep some top talent that should be in the UFC, out of the UFC. Please just dissolve the org, take the necessary fighters and just start a 135lb division for women.

He cant even if he wanted to Phone Post

Is it a showtime problem?

he can he would just have a lawsuit on his hands

Stupid thread

It's freaking lame. Strikeforce had it's potential but is now this hollow org with some aweome fighter that are trapped there. Sucks

Btw, why doesn't zuffa have the power to do what they want since they bought this damn show. Is showtime prat owner, I don't get it?

Yes strikeforce and certian fighters such as rockhold , melendez are under contract to showtime thus unable to dissolve strikeforce and move some fighters Phone Post

 Showtime Deal is to 2014.....Had to produce and televise 8 Strikeforce events....so probably about 6 ish left to do.

That Deal started with January 7th 2012 Card