Los Angeles Area MMA schools

For all Los Angeles is a center for MMA in the US, there don't seem to be many places offering classes that are MMA- usually it's either BJJ/subgrappling, kickboxing, thai boxing, but few places seem to have 'pure' MMA classes where people can put it all together.

If you know of a place that does this, please add it to this thread.

Here's what I know so far
RAW gym- team practice- El Segundo http://www.r1gym.com/
Centerline Gym- Bellflower (SBGi affiliate)
Hayastan (occasional Sundays)-Hollywood
Inosanto Acadamy- Marina del Ray
Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu- Beverly Hills

There was a school in West LA looking for heavyweights posting a while ago, but I haven't been able to find them.



Hollywood Jiu Jitsu now has MMA classes.1106 N.La Cienega Hollywood Ca. 310 360 0544

Whos teaches @ hollywood JJ?

UMMA in La Mirada www.unitedmixedmartialarts.com

Shawn Williams teaches. He is a Renzo BB and trains with Rodrigo for his fights in K1.

Anyone remember that West LA school- they were opening a new class at some commercial gym- I thought it was Bodies In Motion, but I called and they had no new classes and only a kids' martial arts class. . .


I am changing schools because the head trainer at my current location has left.

Can I get this thread updated.


There's Legends MMCT in Hollywood, CA.


Instructors include Karo, Bas, Eddie Bravo, Randy (I guess he commutes from LV, even with his commitments to his new LV gym).