Los Angeles, Canada, New York

I think that clock is off... Phone Post 3.0

Wow Phone Post 3.0

fuckin Kumar better get his shit together

;) Phone Post 3.0

We're a small town, us Canadians. Phone Post 3.0

Haha wow, here in Canada, we don't need time zones Phone Post 3.0

Went through the town once. They talk funny. Phone Post

Crazy Canadians.

I met an American once. When he found out I was Canadian, he excitedly asked me, "Oh do you know my friend Bill then???" like all Canadians would know each other.

Turned out Bill lived in Toronto. I live in Vancouver.

I explained that it would be like me expecting him, who live in New York, to know a particular person in Seattle.

The sad part was I didn't see any understanding on his face, I'm not sure he got my analogy.