Los Lobos

Any fans? This is one of my favorite bands these days. I used to think all they did was 'La Bamba' until Ali graciously pointed out the album Colossal Head.





Check it out.

red x mr. Das, I think they are phonomonal Muscians! I they did most of the sound track to the movie La Bamba

I have been a fan since "how will the wolf survive"- they are a awesome- some of the best party music you will come across-

and from what I've heard, very cool- there's a story about how someone got married and someone in the wedding party knew the wolves...told them about it, and Los Lobos ended up playing their wedding as a gift-

how awesome would that be!

they are coming around here in about a month-

One of my absolute faves... very few peers. But you already knew what I thought! It's a little strange that they've caught on in the "jam band" community, but... that does mean that everything they do is taped and shared and traded etc... so it's easy to get examples of live stuff. They played here at the House of Blues last year and I didn't go, like a dumbass. Then I hear from a friend that Dave Alvin joined them onstage for a few songs at the end. (Kick self).

Then they played... The Wiltern or something, memory doesn't serve. And I was short on cash and didn't go. Then I find out Richard Thompson joined them onstage for a few songs. (Kick self).

I saw them a few times, though, and.... just great. ANd of course "Colossal Head" (critics be damned) is one of my favorite discs

I have seen Los Lobos are a festival. They were really good considering how unfamiliar I was with their material.

It is kind of strange how they attract the 'jam band'
crowd. They don't really do 20 minute extended jams or
anything like that, maybe because they are such
natural musicians and have been together so long that
they have the 'cosmic flow' or something, haha.

I saw them last summer and they were incredible, it
was at an outdoor festival in the evening. Watching
them from the beer tent with the sun setting over the
lake is one of my favorite concert memories. They
played for about two hours and I only knew maybe three
or four songs, but I was still blown away by the sheer
passion they deliver.

they are very talented guys.

I must say, they do have some of the worst album covers ever:

My vote for the worst:



Yeah, 'cuz like, Slayer's "Reign in Blood" is such a great cover, or check out Andrew Gold for the ultimate album art....

Hmmm, these or the pastel green chair...


Heavy band,Los Lobos,that is.Played rockabilly gigs in East LA with similar bands near 5 years ago.Quite the experience once they found out that you could dig their music,vice versa.

They Rawk!