Losing or gaining weight during quarantine?

No doubt that I’ve gotten less in shape. I was doing well and in a great routine right before the gyms closed. I’ve lost 5lbs overall. Lost muscle mass and strength. Upside is that I’ve lost belly fat. My appetite is much less without working out and playing sports.

Have you lost or gained weight?

Gained. I'm up like 4 pounds. 

maintaining, still doing OMAD

I haven't done 48 hour fasts recently

Down 4-5 right now. Cycling around 150mi a week. Not to far out of my norm, I just usually can’t be this consistent.

I’m losing. I’m very all or nothing when it comes to eating well. I was on the healthy side when this started so I’ve been on track pretty well.

Down 5. I just graze here and there. 

I have no scale but my pants feel more loose.

Still the same. For the first couple weeks I was like "fuck it" and ate like shit. I had potato chips and ice cream for the first time in a long time. Then I just got burned out on shitty food pretty quickly and went back to normal.


i'm down from 198-185
it's weight I've gained over the last few years (i'm generally under 180) I was sitting on the couch no gym to go to eating popeys and just feeling gross
decided to make an effort to eat better and cook all my meals, if anything this break has helped me focus on that(i'm still working full time at this point)
the time after work allows me to prepare my meals, rather than heading to jits I think


about the same. find i eat a bit more but drink a bit less.

Lost 4 pounds in the last 4 weeks.  I think most of that was muscle.

Lost some but it's mostly water.

Probably gaining a little but whatever. Generally hate working out at home beyond some stretching or mobility work. Also a night owl and it's illegal to go outside at night here so options are limited. No clue when bjj will open back up so I don't really give a shit at this point. 

Ramping up cycling mileage so I’m losing weight. But this was all part of the plan, the coronatine has had little impact on it. 

my wife’s been getting drunk every day and gained quite a bit in just a month. She feels a loss of purpose from being off work so she drinks. I’ve lost a bit but feel really unhealthy from sitting around 

I had one of those Rogue Echo fitness bikes delivered to the house. Its freaking awesome.
Combined with kettlebells I had in the garage, I'm getting fitter than ever.
Lost 12lbs in the last 3 weeks.

Losing , following 20/4 IF protocol , bought a heavy bag to get some cardio on and my buddies has a power rack with plenty of weight so I go over and workout there 2-3 times a week 

I have a squat rack, bench, kettlebells, Dumbbells and assorted other stuff at the house. Scales out of batteries but I’ve been lifting/training hard 5-6 days a week and can already tell a positive difference in my physique. Last time I checked I’d gained a couple pounds but I look better so don’t care.

Pretty much broke up with my long time GF over her losing her mind over this pandemic so planning on getting swole as possible and banging every female in sight this summer. That’s the plan anyway.

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I've lost a couple pounds. Most likely because I'm not eating out for lunch everyday and the weather is slowly getting better so I'm more active.