Lost 18lbs in 30 Days, How to Keep it Off?

first of all, it was mostly all calorie management and avoiding carbs. especially at night. i'm not where i need to be, though.

honestly, i didn't do a great job at sticking to a diet nor did i adopt an exercise regime. what did happen was a switch to a much more active/physical job, ceasing to just eat what the fuck ever, and laying off the booze a little bit. honestly, the lack of boozing was probably the biggest benefit, just because one night of drinking leads to another day of hungover binging and laziness and the cycle perpetuates.

a month and a half ago, i was over 20 lbs heavier, although i haven't weighed myself in a couple days and my diet has slipped somewhat because i'm getting too busy to prepare/eat meals at home as often. from the first to the last days of last month, i was able to shed 18 lbs. i do take two ripped fuel in the morning, but i couldn't quantify the benefits besides it just gearing me like a fucking chinese jet pilot.

so, here's the question for the og: i think i've plateau'd with the casual "watch what you eat" approach and, while i've lost weight, what's left is more of a "skinny fat" travesty than the fit/toned physique i had a year and a half ago. i'm only getting busier, to the tune of 80- to 100-hour weeks coming up for the next few months.

i'll take any and all suggestions. if it means just being more disciplined, i can accept that, but i don't know if i can do it. i need some help probably in the form of supplements, appetite suppressants, good diet shakes, etc. to give me an edge.

thanks for any advice

Keep watching your calories. Eat good normal food. No desserts or junk. Phone Post 3.0

Congrats! How much more do you have to go?

Download the Loseit app and keep track of diet and exercise.

It will help you maintain. Phone Post 3.0

PLAN AHEAD for your crazy work schedule. Keep some good stuff on hand and plan your meals out, if you can.

Don't be too tough on yourself if you have some bad meals/days. Keep up a big picture view.

Again, congrats.

MMA Playwright - Congrats! How much more do you have to go?


i don't need to lose a lot more fat. i still have a stomach that i want to lose and the love handles are lingering a bit. when i'm in shape, i'm a 155lb'er and i got up to better than 180#, but i know muscle is denser than fat, so it's kind of a confusing calculus.


i'm trying to develop a habit of exercising at least casually at home more to regain tone and muscle mass than to lose too much more weight. at the same time, i don't want to backslide and wind up where i started. it happened alarmingly quickly.

i am going to reward myself with a new road bike to inspire me to ride to work and back more often/when i can. hopefully that'll be a good catalyst.

A Keto diet is a great appetite suppressant if you struggle with the discipline. Diet soda is also a fantastic gap filler

In Phone Post 3.0

Nice bro. Phone Post 3.0

I suggest you quit your job. 80-100 hrs/week is a titanic waste of the precious little time you have on earth. Nothing is worth wasting the one thing money can't buy. Phone Post 3.0

Keep your water intake up or drink more water. I don't know what you're drinking during the day but a lot of people take in unaccounted calories from soft drink, sweet tea, and other flavored drinks. Phone Post 3.0

Pilgor the goat - I suggest you quit your job. 80-100 hrs/week is a titanic waste of the precious little time you have on earth. Nothing is worth wasting the one thing money can't buy. Phone Post 3.0

or i'm investing up-front to build a career for my family. derp.

That's a hell of a lot of weight to lose in 30 days unless you're 6' 4".

banco - That's a hell of a lot of weight to lose in 30 days unless you're 6' 4".

oooold thread alert

a fair amount of that was water weight from the diuretics i used to get there. when i returned to a relatively normal diet, i gained around four lbs back almost immediately.


not that this is earth-shattering news, but i was able to largely keep off all the weight.

particularly busy weeks see some fluxuation, but the trend is toward good maintenance. i appeciate the advice and encouragement.

the main thing i've noticed as time went on is that good sleep is a big component. ymmv, but i've found that after a certain level of sleep deprivation, my metabolism tanks in addition to tending to eat shittier just because i don't have the motivation to be as selective.

i know that's obvious, but if you're hustling, it has a way of sneaking up on you. i had to basically schedule my sleep time to ensure that i was averaging eight hours/nght over the course of each week. no less than 6-7 hours. it really has made the biggest difference in maintaining a healthy routine.

the other big component was biking. commuting by bike is great because it forces you to get a second ride in at the end of the day whether you want to or not. it's just how you have to get home.

while i've lost most of the gut i was dealing with and the love handles are basically gone,  definitely have to say that i lost a lot more muscle mass than i'd expected. anyone taking on weight loss, i'd recommend working some kind of weight training (even just body weight) into your routine from the beginning so you don't have to make up for the loss after the fact.

if i can do it anyone can. i remember feelign day-in/day-out that i look like shit and kind of teetering on the edge of just saying fuck it. just take it a day at a time like i did and eventually you'll gain some momentum.



Good job OP... Now, to keep it off just float your OG hog in a bowl of water 24/7.  Your  bathroom scale won't know the difference. =)


Wow a good thread were people are actually not flaming everyone....I like

And great job OP, the bike is a great idea, used to ride 22 mikes back and forth to work in my 20's I miss it but sadly the big city makes a bike commute not so fun now, hell the car commute sucks balls

And as for meals for sure plan ahead, I always get hungry late which is bad but I will just eat veggies and hummus or a can of tuna or sardines with some hot sauce.

Im a chilihead so hot sauce is my think but even the weak shit is the perfect condiment to add to anything, zero cals

Keep up the good work, also look at the oils you use, I use coconut oil for pretty much everything guilt free