Lost camera on honeymoon. Any ideas to find it?

Travelled with my new wife to Italy and then Amsterdam. Before the wedding my wife wanted a camera but we didn't have the extra funds with all the wedding costs. I dropped some cash that I now wish I used on the trip to surprise her with a decent sony a3000 camera. Lost it or it was stolen on our last day in Amsterdam. (We didn't misplace anything or leave it anywhere our whole trip so might have been stolen). I posted an ad on craigslist, notified the police/lost and found, notified the owner of the houseboat that we stayed on. Is there anything else I can take a shot with? I heard there is a site like craigslist but specifically for lost cameras if anybody knows what it is. Like everyone always says, I just want the pictures. If someone from Amsterdam contacted me I would seriously say enjoy the camera but please send the memory card. We brought an iPad to upload them off the camera while taking pictures but they wouldn't transfer so every picture was on that big 64gb memory card. Phone Post 3.0

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We did. We know the exact coffee shop where it happened and checked it out first thing in the morning. The workers there seemed real nice and when I checked back again she said she called the other workers and hadn't heard anything but it seems like she would follow up if it got turned in. We didn't even smoke at that coffee shop. Just a quick cup on a cold night. Phone Post 3.0

That sucks man, i really hope you find it, positive vibes sent your way dude, vu Phone Post 3.0


Jhay - That sucks man, i really hope you find it, positive vibes sent your way dude, vu Phone Post 3.0
Thanks man. Called the police station this morning. Over there everyone we asked that was local said they have a good lost and found(also made me think a lot of people turn stuff in if they all said that was the best route). The number I called said it takes four days at least for stuff from local police stations to get transferred there so still holding out some hope. Wasn't there but It's only been 2 days or so. Such a sick feeling. Normally I would be bummed wasting cash instead of getting to spend it on fun activities on the trip, but the only thing I care about is the pics. If I got the camera back with no memory card I would be bummed, but if I got the memory card bck without the camera I would be so stoked. Phone Post 3.0

Well if you took some more "personal" pictures during the honeymoon you should be able to get them back from any porn site within the next few days. Phone Post 3.0

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