Lost Planet 2 video


Only 360 version announced so far but I assume it'll be on PS3 as well.

Co-op confirmed, appears to be 4-player.

Looks awesome, but as usual, I can't get too excited because of Capcom's inability to use decent control schemes.




 ttt for 4-player jungle/bug/mech warfare

I loved the first one , and the control didnt really suck in the first one either. great ambiance and classic boss battle.

I hope the ridiculus , dont really make sense cut scene are back... i lol'd more then once in lost planet 1 because of them.

graphic looks breath taking ,  i am buying it Day one!

Wait ... will writing this i just realise what you wrotes.... 4 PLAYERS CO-OP.... ME WANTS NOW !!!

thanks Orcus , like always you deliver!

 Co-op is confirmed, but not 4-player co-op -- but the fact that all the gameplay in the trailer shows 4 guys running around together makes it seem pretty likely.

I wish more devs took this route -- no mention of a game until a sudden reveal, with lots of gameplay -- no lame "target renders" or CG teaser. Capcom and God of War guys have it right.

Unfortunately they said it's still a "long way" off, which is surprising given how awesome this vid is.


Cool. That's enough to get me excited.

yeah. Good to see games for the 360 on something else besides u3 engine

 wow look at some of the crappy modeling. Looks like they farmed it out to some cheap labor studio in China.  Of course xbox/ps3 fanboys only give a shit that its in 1080p and wont notice a difference, so games will just get uglier and uglier.

Touche, the models in WoW are far superior.

 4 player co-op confirmed by Capcom.

 " 4 player co-op confirmed by Capcom."

Thats all I wanted to hear !!!!!

4 player CO-OP in a "starship trooper" type setting will be awesome !

I really disliked the first one

 360 demo coming "near E3".