Lost Property @ Summer Camp

The following items were left behind after this weeks Extreme Summer Camp:

1 pair of disposable rubber gloves.

1 small cat wrapped in masking tape.

1 fairy bag containing approx. 2 teaspoons of pixie sprinkles

1 gold purse strap with engraved initials "H.H"

1 video tape of the independently produced romantic comedy entitled "Feeding Frenzy".

Could the owners of these belongings please claim them


Paul Dallow.


i'll have the rubber gloves and pixie sprinkles if nobody else wants them (am not really a cat person sorry)

sounds like you had Bad Boy Bubby at your camp

and Michael Jackson.....

-- 1 gold purse strap with engraved initials "H.H" --

best $4 ever spent!

The following items have been reported missing:

1 slightly soiled "DREAM CATCHER BJJ" t shirt.

1 magical talking purse with santa/tooth fairy on speed dial.

If any other campers have taken these items by mistake could they please return them to Camp Counsellor Ellis or myself.We can both be located at the sick bay.

Missing Persons:

One male went missing from wednesday evening when he apparently fell over while running in a circle. This same person was also recovering from a few stitches to head following a headbutting incident.

There were grub sitings throughout the week although aparantly these were only restrained to do a painful finger injury which required substantial pain killing at the xmas party with god-only-knows-how-many shots....

Finally, "Warnie" never arrived. apparently there are rumours of a new phone sex scandel....

The West Oz Warne!!!!Innocent until proven guilty.