Lot of free time, no money

Hey guys, im 21. i'm in the Air National Guard, and i'm waiting for bootcamp.. so until then i'm basically stuck. I've read some personal finance books and appreciate that side of things, however Tim Ferris kinda inspired me towards the start up/muse business model. I'd love to create a business, or just do SOMETHING to make extra money, preferably in a field that follows "hard work=returns." I'm not super intelligent or anything but I have no college education and no idea where to start, I'm so completely lost i don't even know what information to provide on here Any guys who are successful and could help me out, or point me in the right direction will really be helping me out. Thanks in advance.

Network Marketing really seems like the answer for you. I know I might get flamed because many people have negative feelings towards networking companies. I work very part time for a networking company in the nutritional industry and it gives my family about 20K extra a year. Find something you already enjoy - like for me it was nutrition. Do some research on your own. It will be fun picking the perfect company for you. Make sure you do your research on the compensation plan so you know EXACTLY what it will take to get paid in your new business.

tbh, if you are young, and relatively fit and able bodied. and you have the motivation and desire to work hard and therefore achieve more in life, then there is no shame in working another job.
realistically, most full time jobs are 40 hours a week. im referring to entry level, which i assume being 21, you would be. if you were older and more established, then working 50 hours a week in middle management office type work would be normal.
otherwise, lets assume a 21yo working 35-40hrs a week. this gives u plenty of time to pick up a second job. the most common choice, especially for someone in the military would be security work. unless it specifically states that you cannot do security work in your area, then working the doors, or general rent a cop duties at the mall in the graveyard shifts would be easy to fit in.

you could do this for the times where u have long layoffs, and as u progress in your military career, you would just simply move away from the other job.

otherwise, those network marketing things can be a little scammy. u need to research the ones that are legit

Read some books by Robert Kiyasaki, get into sales, make mistakes, learn and create a network along the way.  Message me for more info I would love to help, if you are interested in making money on the side or anything my company is always looking for coaches, writers, sales people, affiliates and more.