anyone playing lets roll on Nimrodel!!!!

ok i am making my account now

steve come try it out...we arent giving up on wow! just trying something new

Wow..I just looked through the website and I am not inspired. The names for the classes are fucking-beyond-horrible, really.

I really hope it plays well because this game is about 2 years too late. :(

its different...some things are cool but overall i dont feel at home like i do with wow

forgive me steve!!!!

i mean.....

will thou forgiveth my folly and accept me back into thou noble fold?

LOTR makes me appreciate wow all the more...i'll be lvling red this weekend

Your characters aren't tied to one server, so every time you log in you can choose a new server to play on.

Kickin rad!

doesnt make up for the shitty gameplay

lol - then dont make threads asking where everyone is

he made this thread before he played it.

true...i spoke to soon. The game lacks luster

what exactly do you mean? because when i play i enjoy myself, but am feeling that it's missing "something"

so far i'm sure it's just the UI but i dunno

for me i think it just seemed dull. Perhaps it was the way the chracters looked or the classes. I am not really sure. Then I loaded up WoW and everything was happy and alive looking. I really have no clue, but all LotR did for me was make me appreciate WoW more.

That said LotR is a good MMO. Just not enough to make me play it. Glad you enjoy it though invalid :)

ya i think its alot of little things...the UI sucks, seems dull for class specific skills etc. Just feels lost like theres no real strategy to killing a mob but rather just standing there exchanging blows. I dont like the look of the characters, Plus i think the fact the toons/landscapes resembling a more realistic setting, takes away from the appeal... for me anyways. Like gord said it made me want to play wow more than anything. I hope someone can take wow's gameplay and just build on it...polish it. CONAN or WARHAMMER are next in line. Conan seems promising, WH looks graphic wise alot like LOTR, which scares me