Lots of Pride News

Lots and lots of news coming out of Pride's Critical Countdown event over the weekend.

Go to: www.touchofevil.us and click on "POST-CRITICAL COUNTDOWN NEWS" on the right hand menu.

We've got news on:
-- The Grand Prix final four
-- Yoshida's injury
-- TV ratings
-- Ogawa-Silva worked?
-- Favourite to win Grand Prix
-- When Jackson vs. Silva II will take place
-- Update on Kondo's fight with Silva
-- Update on Silva fighting on New Year's Eve
-- Fedor's condition
-- Rumored lineup for August 15th
-- Length of Kevin Randleman's new contract

UFC 48 and UFC 49 news updates are available on the site as well, with lots of info and background on the upcoming UFC 49 lineup.


LOL @ "an ultimate rematch".

I can see Pride working here. Send Silva through a gauntlet of top fighters and then feed him to Sak in hopes he won't have anything left. There cannot be anyone interested in a 4th fight.

There should not have even been one rematch between Silva and Sakuraba.

"Sakuraba's next opponent is unknown, but the rumor is that his fight against Nino Schembri was the beginning of a series of fights with Sakuraba vs. Chute Boxe fighters, leading to an ultimate rematch with Wanderlei Silva sometime down the road."

GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!! I posted that I was worried about this angle a couple of weeks before Pride happened. :(

A fight between Nog and Silva would be sick! I'd pay $30.00 just to watch that.

3 t's

Mino has the be the favourite to win it all now. Let's face it, Ogawa is not the caliber of the other two guys, and a lot less damaging in his approach.

Fedor or Kharitonov will likely suffer some degree of pain before the second fight!

Fedor will still win the whole thing

Fedor is not human. He was dropped clean on the top of his head and it had no effect on him. Beware the killer.

If Fedor and Sergei really train together then I wonder how they approach this fight.

fedor is not human...he feels no pain...he cant be reasoned with

You'd think they wouldn't pair Fedor and Sergei simply because they are teammates.

v silva to heavyweight: Pride´s middleweight champion, Wanderlei Silva is scheduled to face the Japanese star Yuki Kondo on August 15th, but the brazilian fighter is already thinking almost six months ahead. Last week, he confirmed the information that many of martial arts fans would like to hear: 'I will face Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira or Mirko Cro Cop on December 31st' stated Wand.

Those are cool rumors.  I would have no problem with Sakuraba fighting Silva fourth time later next year if Saku beats guys like Ninja, Anderson Silva, Ausurrio Silva, Nilson, etc. on the way to Silva.  That would be an impressive and very tough road.  However, Sakuraba would have a lot of problems IMO.

lol, if Silva faces Quinton, Mirko, Mino, and then faces Saku, Saku will be ready!

Sakuraba should spent the rest of his days beating on guys his size and re-establishing the fact that he really is the greatest talent so far.

Sergei and Fedor are still friends but they don't train together anymore and their coaches don't like each other. Furthermore, Fedor stated that if his own brother was a challenger that he wouldn't train with him either. They are robots, the fight will be real.

Mino better finish Ogawa because decisioning him will be tough as Ogawa will have good control IMO and is heavier.

Yoshida being out for a year better mean that he will learn to fight without the gi as he needs to lose it if he is going to rematch Royce.