Loud sex disrupts tennis match in Sarasota

lol at "adult video"

At 3-2 in the 2nd set of Tiafoe vs Krueger some love making noises disrupted the match. The commentator only later in the clip realizes what is actually going on, but he sums it up rather nicely "at least somebody is having a good night"


I heard this on the local radio morning show today.


Seven Days in Hell!!

are they sure monica seles wasn't making a comeback on a nearby court?

TheRealJoker -

Seven Days in Hell!!

You knew right away he was dead.

Lol that was funny

So awkward lol

"I still hear it, it's still going.... What is going on?"


This is fucking golden

Came in expecting a gif from porkys with the gym teacher cracking up. I am disappointed 


"Thats not a phone... thats an apartment across the lake!"