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Why as i get older, can i grow more hair on my balls than on my head?

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Mine all traveled south from my head to my ass and legs.

At 35, my lower half is twice as hairy as it was at 25 lol

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The changes we go through as we age is weird to me.

I have been out of the MMA game for a couple years now. I’m all healed up and my body doesn’t hurt all the time. After wrestling all my life and then getting into mma, I had no idea that I could wake up and go through days without pain. I’m aging in reverse!

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Good for you, pain is never good.

Hair on the human body is one of the side adventures of life that amazes me:)

What’s for dinner tonight DoD?

I grilled a shitload of chicken breasts. Just chicken and egg whites for me for a while. Getting back on the healthy train!

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Gortons fish sticks

I like your choice too!