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I am not going to go into too much detail, but there are people who are not giving my trainer, The Crutchmaster, his proper due. I love and respect my trainer like ANYONE would and does. My pure aggression, passion, and intensity have nothing to do w/ a bad attitude. I am not a "stupidly aggressive" athlete, but Rugby is VERY intense. A team of at least 15 beat eachother up at least twice a week and salivate for fresh meat on the weekends. Then we go "BALL'S OUT" for no less than 80 minutes straight. No timeouts and no stoppage unless someone is bleeding too much or unconscious. I was simply trying to provide a background of what I've been doing at very high levels for the last 7 yrs. of my life instead of fighting. ...well; there has been fighting, but a bit more unorganized. LMFAO Everyone from practicioners of the various martial arts to members of EVERY branch of EVERY military of the world plays Rugby. I have been around "not just ordinary" (no-names to be recognized here; though) boxers and grapplers, as well, and I DID learn from them. They HAVE shown me things because i enjoy learning and trying to advance the best I can. I now know what BJJ means; The Crutchmaster informed me. He also informed me that that is one of the arts we cross-train in. I KNOW BJJ is all about mad ground skills and have nothing but respect for it and ANY and ALL of the arts. But that still does not warrant any fear for any human being in my mind. Duane is an EXCELLENT trainer despite his disability and I am trying to simply put it out there that he, and his fighters, just want a chance to have our hard work seen before it is judged. There is no need to disrespect my trainer; the least that can be done is call and/or train w/ us to view our passion and intensity firsthand. Maybe I came off too strong, but I just have mad respect and love for the man. I want to thank the promoters who are giving us a shot. I want to thank the sponsers for supporting him, and us as well. We train in Houston, TX, and I will find and post his numbers in one minute. TY for the candid and forthright responses. Like I said before; maybe we can meet someday... in the cage or out.

Good luck, get down, or get out...

Duane "The Crutchmaster" Stevenson:


...Thank you;


I think the crutchmaster is inspiring!! :)

ty; for the good words... he has earned every bit of those accolades w/ his dedication and heart. i understand that the above is somewhat "condensed" on the eyes, but that is all i had to say. i just spit how i think. ...and the only reason i have referred to "that other sport" is because many do not know about it but have given me attitude like, "who the hell are u and who do you know?!?!" man; i don't have any names to "drop", but it's not like i have been just sitting around for years.
i have ordered the PPV's and supported the sport for years on the outside, and i am merely excited to be a part of it; learning on the inside.

..and i actually put this last one in paragraph form, but it didn't post as such...

No one cares about rugby.

...actually; no one HERE may, but it is the most widely participated sport WORLDWIDE. just because most people in my country watch baseball (NOT even a sport) or american football (which came from rugby back in the day to promote patriotism in the country) doesn't mean that your opinion counts. get over yourself, please; there are other people in the WORLD if u haven't noticed... much love to that sport, MMA, and any other sport that actually requires guts (NOT just a mouth) to play... lol

well; i think soccer is the most participated "sport" in the world today, but to fake injuries for cards doesn't really require "guts" per say... but that's just my one opinion...

...yo; i ain't even tryin' to hit on that other thread no mo'... all i've done is try to prove my passion for sport and represent, in blood, that the good man that is training us should be given his due. i haven't bragged. but i have been getting attacked about this and had words put in my mouth 'bout that. i have just tried to fend for myself, trying to find common ground as an athlete. i have seen my own brothers (250-300 lbs.) beat down dudes their own size and bigger, more than once, and i have been able to grapple them for a number of years. yeah; those were just bar and street fights, but a fight is a fight and anyone willing to get down anywhere is tough in my eyes. they fear any and all of u guys, rugby players, ETC... just as much as i do. NOT AT ALL. i may come off a little intense or "crazy", but at least i have balls to say what i feel; yeah? i refuse to apologize to anyone because i would not intentionally disrespect anyone. maybe it came off that way, but it was not intended. i have given Mr. Crutchmaster my apology, but he believes i haven't been offensive towards anyone 'cause he knows i am not like that. i am picking up this technical stuff just fine and having fun with this new challenge. i have been learning from my teammates and Mr. Crutchmaster and that's all that matters. don't worry 'bout your little eyes (for the inarticulate, whiners, and haters) 'cause i ain't messin' w/ this no mo'. i don't even talk this damn much and did so 'cause i felt attacked. screw it. thank you.


Eric, good luck on Friday, I hope you liked the tune I did for the team! I talked to Bijion and Duane today, things sound good. Take it easy training until Friday (don't hurt yourselves)!---Robert Dunn :)

I just wanted to thank you, Mr. Robert Dunn, for the great music! We all appreciate and luv the sound; sir. ...segue... ya know what I find is VERY silly?!?! How SOOOOOOOOO many people just LOVE 'n sync, brittany spears, etc... I'm sure there are people who can agree one way or disagree another but, personally, I just don't get it; can't stand it. lol But opinions vary; yes? I got an opinion fo ya... I think you got mad music skills; Robert. Thanks once again, Mr. Dunn; hopefully I can shake your hand in person soon.