Love my Mom but she’s horribly brainwashed

lol my mom is just the opposite. She laughed when Ruth Bader Ginsberg died and said “Good!”. That is a bit far for even me.

You wouldn’t, so obviously the only requirement should be that you made it through kindergarten. You learn to spell cat and dog by then right?

Like I’ve been saying, DeSantis is a regional politician with no mojo!

Women hate him, and they vote.

He will never be president. Ever.

the federal pell grant? yeah, it’s based on your income + the amount your family is contributing and the cost of tuition. So that doesn’t really make sense…the middle class kid will still have esentially the same amount of loans since his family is contributing.

What’s the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?

Your EFC is not the amount of money your family will have to pay for college, nor is it the amount of federal student aid you will receive. It is a number used by your school to calculate how much financial aid you are eligible to receive.


So the higher your EFC, the higher your loans. The lower your EFC, the lower your loans.

“No, the right lies about what teachers say and do, and since the red half of the country are mentally retarded, violent sheep, they believe it and rev up the threats.”

So that Libs of TikTok thing, it’s really a bunch of Republicans pretending to be Democrat voting school teachers?

Dude trump broke my fucking dad.

Guy was like red forman growing up. Went super fuckin dumb libtard when trump got elected. Guy still claims hes a “ronald reagan conservative”. Whatever the fuck thats supposed to mean.

He kept starting political arguments over the phone, and i would say “dad i wont want to talk about this” he would keep going and i would eventually hang up. This went on probably five times over the course of the year. I eventually got him to admit “i just dont like trump, the person”. So i said “okay so youre being emotional. Thats a quality of a woman or a lib. Take your pick”.

I end up going the better part of a year not talking to him and he calls me and says “did i do something to you?” . I fucking drilled a hole in his chest and didnt let him get a word in. Ended the rant with “if i find out you voted for that fucking pedophile, you will never see your grand daughter alone ever again.”

He was definitely ridin’ with Biden

Sounds like you’re the emotional weirdo broken by politics. But props for sticking to the right’s current playbook, where anybody who disagrees with you about anything is accused of being a pedophile. Totally rational.

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Meh ill conceide that i definitely got pissed off and lost my cool but it was listening to two years of his dumbass and brushing it off

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Yeah, well that’s what they said about Ross Perot!

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And dude if you dont think biden is a pedo then somethings wrong with you. Theres footage rivaling a rocky training montage of him touching kids.

Great, what does that have to do with telling your dad he can’t be alone with your daughter? Do you think there are 81 million pedophiles in the US now?

Wow… he should love Trump…

Well theres definitely at least 81 million people i wouldnt leave my kid alone with

Yes, but a dependent student whos efc is a lot higher than zero typically means their family makes a lot more money and has more assets. They usually are contributing. They are not taking out more loans than an independent student with a efc of zero. The maximum pell grant is $6,895, and an independent student with an automatic zero efc is making less than $27,000 a year. You really think they aren’t having to take out the same or more loans than the middle class dependent kid?

A guy I work with has a degree I think in history but he literally took special Ed classes in high school. They gave him a job teaching coding of some sort to high schoolers, he had never taken a single course on it in his life and was trying to learn as he taught. He quit because of the stress and low pay.

There are more sources of need based financial aid than just a Pell grant. I know I got financial aid from the state and federal governments, and I got it from the college too. I also know that I had to take out way less in loans than most of my classmates did, and I kept my mouth shut about it because they would have hated me.

Recently I was trying to help my wife’s younger brother get into college, and I learned that top tier colleges in America have “need blind admissions”. That means they don’t take your family’s income into consideration when they decide if they’re going to let you in. And if your family income is less than $75,000.00, you pay nothing.

My source:

Fixed it for you. You realize your lack of self awareness?