Love Shogun but.....

If he fights Jon Jones again I don't see how it will be any different than their last fight. Does anyone else think the same? I thought Vera did very well against Shogun as well Phone Post

He'll be more aggressive in the stand up which leads to him being taken down more often Phone Post

those knee surgeries have slowed him down tremendously, no way can he beat Jones but i also truly believe the shogun of Pride with Pride Rules Gives Jones Hell and could beat him.

Its unfortunate a great TALENT like Rua has had the injuries he has had.

Shogun unfortunately has reached and passed his prime.. Such a shame it was due to injuries because the man is an absolute legend, warrior and always comes out to fight and has NEVER had a boring fight Phone Post

Rambo John J - Yall need to just shut the fuck up.

And enjoy the purest warrior you may ever lay eyes on. <br type="_moz" />