Loved how BJ Penn chose fighters

That was a very cool move by BJ Penn.

Those who want to train with me and have nothing to do with Pulver - raise your hand.

Very cool.

Made Pulver uncomfortable, but that's what fighting is all about.

Also showed who is actually more popular of the two.

In the Amp Mobil poll 78 % wanted to be on Penn's team, and 28 on Pulver's.

Never was a big fan of Pulver, but this made me into Penn's fan.

Also he was quite good to both Gabe and Alan.

Saying that Allen did well considering his expirience is both classy and true.

Jens Pulver TUF 5 reaction blog: Episode #1 for those who didn't read it last week:

And then visit InsideFighting again tonight right after episode #2 airs fon Spike TV for Jens' reaction to this week's episode! 

"What was going on in Jens Pulver’s head when BJ Penn asked the fighters to raise their hands? How did he choose the match up he did? Now you can hear it from the man himself in his own words.

Now that you’ve seen all the action and controversy from the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter 5 (TUF5), InsideFighting is the only place to be. Courtesy of the UFC and Spike TV, Jens Pulver and InsideFighting will receive a copy of each week’s episode before it airs. Jens will then provide InsideFighting readers with his reaction to the episode which will be immediately posted online after the show is done airing. "

that other guy called his opponent "the leakest wink"

Personally, I thought that Penns move there was arrogant, disrespectful and slimey.

In other words typically american. Good to see Pulver not stoop to typical bullshit american posturing.

"Good to see Pulver not stoop to typical bullshit american posturing."

lol @ your bigoted ass.

we all know Latin Americans are never arrogant, disrespectful, or slimy. not ever.