low back pain

I injured my back with repetitive bending down at work last year then in the winter I hurt it using a pull start. Now it has had a nagging pain that is subtle. I feel it in my extreme low back and top of buttocks. Sometimes only on one side. Lately I have been getting a slight burning sensation in the front of my legs and sometimes pain from my hip to my groin at an angle on the right side. I know from researching alittle and talking to people this is not a good sign and I should probably see a doctor about possible nerve damage. I guess I want to know what I can do to try to heal up and see if I can get better. I use ibeprofen, ice it, icy hot, heat, epsom salt bath and stretching/yoga. Any advice is appreciated.

Still pain after 6 months. The burning pain is called a "radiculopathy," which is nerve pain radiating. This is very worrisome for a nerve impingement. You need an exam from a MD. experienced in back injuries. You probably need an MRI to see how your disks look. You shouldnt be training. A good guidline is not to do anything that is painful, or anything that could potentially injure you (grappling, boxing, etc...)

Sorry but it doesnt sound good.

Lay face down on the floor for a couple of minutes until your low back has relaxed. Then come up onto your elbows as high as you can stand for 2-3 minutes. If it's quite painful do 30 second stints. Ideally this should be done 5-6 times daily and anytime the pain gets worse. If this helps I'll give more instructions via email, my screen name @hotmail.com Good luck!